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Why Young People Need a Triathlon Coach

Whether it’s your first time training as a young triathlete or if you’ve competed a few times before, hiring a coach can make the world of a difference. Your coach can not only help with planning workouts, but they are key to keeping you on track and motivated.

Importantly, a good coach will know when to push you forward and deeper and also when to slow down when it comes workouts. In many cases, for a beginner triathlete, a good coach will ultimately end ups as a long-term mentor.

Benefits for Young People

Technical instruction may be unnecessary for more experienced triathletes but for young people embarking on their first triathlon experience, it’s essential. It’s worth noting that even triathletes with years of experience in the sport continue to train and consult with their coaches.

Even for athletes who understand how to build a training schedule, it can be difficult to make the right decisions. A coach serves as a fatigue manager who is removed from the emotional attachment of training and races; they can be objective when it comes to hard workouts and rest days.

Putting together a training programme can take a significant amount of time too. So, triathlon coaches can help young people who have other priorities such as school work to design the most appropriate programme according to ability, experience and time commitments.

Swansea TriSharks Triathlon Club

At Swansea TriSharks Triathlon Club we can help young people to improve their swimming, biking and running skills under the expert guidance of our coaches. We provide triathlon training for children and young adults and for those with disabilities. Our training programmes are designed to develop technique, skills, strength and endurance. We also conduct inter-club competitions and time trials to give our athletes a thorough practice before the event that they are working towards.

Our triathlon club offers professional training with a high emphasis on swimming training as advised by the Welsh national Coaches. We engender a fun and friendly environment along with competition training combined with general fitness and development for those who don’t want to compete.

We can also offer club members discounts on clothing and equipment for all our triathletes through our dedicated swim shop,

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