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Triathlons and Children

Studies show that our children need to do much more to improve their physical health and participating in sports is one of the best ways a child can improve their levels of physical fitness.

Sport of one kind or another is something which most children tend to enjoy and encouraging that in the most appropriate way will not only enable your child to learn new skills but will also help to keep them fit, active, healthy and happy, no matter what their level of sporting ability.

Range of Sports

Ideally, you want your children to enjoy a range of sports rather than devote all their time to one sport, never getting the experience of other activities. This is why triathlon is such a great option as children have the opportunity to pursue three sports simultaneously.

Triathletes tend to be physically fit, and many amateur athletes choose triathlon specifically for its fitness benefits. Because all three events are endurance sports, nearly all of triathlon training is cardiovascular exercise. What’s more, since triathletes must train for three different disciplines, they tend to have more balanced whole-body muscular development than those who focus solely on running, cycling or swimming.

Injuries that are caused from long hours of a single activity are not as common in triathlon as they are in single sport events. The cross-training effect that athletes achieve from training for one sport by doing a second activity also applies in triathlon training.

Swansea Trisharks Triathlon Club

To encourage children in Swansea and the surrounding area to become triathletes, in [date] we launched Swansea Trisharks Triathlon Club.

The club helps children to improve their swimming, biking and running skills under the expert guidance of our coaches. We provide triathlon training for children and young adults and for those with disabilities. Our training programme is designed to develop technique, skills, strength and endurance. We also conduct inter-club competitions and time trials to give the children the thorough practice they need before entering a triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon.

For more information about the club and to see our training timetable, visit our website

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