Today was the launch of the Bala Weekend, dubbed the ‘Bala Big Bash’. Some of you may have seen the events on the BTF system already, but everything is in place now to push and promote this weekend. The intention / hope is that the Triathlon community across Wales takes over the town and it becomes another weekend / event which puts our sport on the map.

There’s the IRC qualifier for children aged 8-14 and the BALA TEAM RELAYS for anybody 15+ on the Saturday.

Stage 4 of the Super Series and the Bala Standard takes place on the Sunday, as well as other events run by Swim Wales.

They are working hard trying to engage with the local community and empower them to take a lead on some aspects of the weekend. There is a live gig at the town’s ‘Neuadd Buddug’ on the Saturday evening for those who intend to make a weekend of it. Ideal opportunity for those done racing to unwind and socialise with other clubs.

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