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    Improve your swimming, biking and running skills under the expert guidance of our coaches. We provide triathlon training for children and young adults and for those with disabilities. Our training program are designed to develop technique, skills, strength and endurance. We also conduct inter-club competitions and time trials to give you thorough practice before the triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon that you are working towards.


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    • Professional triathlon training.
    • High emphasis on swimming training as advised by the Welsh national Coaches.
    • Fun and friendly environment.
    • Triathlon and swim shop: www.sharksswimshop.com
    • Competition training as well as general fitness and development for those who don't want to compete.

    Adult Swimming Masterclasses

    with Swansea TriSharks

    • Improve Swimming Technique
    • Stamina
    • Swim for Fitness
    • Swim for Triathlons
    • Swim for Ironman
    • Get ready for Openwater
    Too book use the form below of call 01792 202795.

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    TriSharks Training Timetable

  • TriSharks Coaches

    Leah Morgan

    Louise Snelgrove


    Simon Clement

    Fran Gilligan

    Oliver Simon

    Will Munday

    Patrick Smith

    Louise Nowell

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